IP Acquisitions

Landmark Advisors have worked with many investors to identify, define, segment, and acquire the specific intellectual property sought by a buyer to fill in a gap in its IP portfolio. IP acquisitions are appropriate and wise as a step short of purchasing an entire company.

Recently, Landmark Advisors has worked to value and acquire software applications, mechanical inventions, chemical designs, actuarial formulas, and more. We do this for the benefit of owners, investors, and parties to litigation.

Our work with IP acquisition is very similar our work on entity acquisition. The process is similar:

  1. Identify the assets
  2. Perform appropriate due diligence on valuation and risk
  3. Pursue closing until the deal gets done

Unique to IP acquisitions is defining what specifically the asset is. Our years of experience has shown us what to watch and prepare for, how to keep deals moving, and how to close.

Sometimes acquisitions are stalled by attorneys and accountants in legal action. We work to break through the delays and keep acquisitions (and divestitures) moving quickly and efficiently while ensuring the appropriate boundaries are created for the property in view.

Landmark Advisors

Landmark Advisors