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Attorneys and their clients seeking expert witnesses can turn to Landmark Advisors to meet their needs. With 34 years of experience in litigation and a range of cases, we’re able to provide compelling expert testimony.

Cases involving any of these issues are ideal for Landmark Advisors to testify:

  • Fiduciary responsibilities, roles, and duties
  • Breach of contract, covenants, and duties arising under contract or statute
  • The due diligence and valuation process
  • Good faith efforts to perform
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure issues
  • Validity and value of mortgage liens
  • Various business ownership considerations and affects on valuation in divorce and probate cases

Landmark Advisors can consult with you under the full protection of work-product and attorney-client rules, as well as under contractual, non-disclosure provisions.

We are available for consultation, depositions, written discovery, mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences and trial.

When should you hire Landmark Advisors as expert witnesses?

Think of expert witnesses as teaching consultants. Laymen and women who aren’t familiar with intellectual property, contract law, or mergers need to be educated. Expert witnesses provide an ideal way to inform a court and jury about complex issues.

There are three questions attorneys and clients should ask when retaining an expert witness:

  1. What do we need explained? Carefully consider what it is: valuation, intellectual property boundaries, breach of duties of professional care, contract breaches, etc. Is it something a layperson cannot effectively explain to the satisfaction of a court in the dispute you’re involved in?
  2. What kind of expertise do you need? There are times you need an expert to testify, and others merely to consult with you. Either way, Landmark Advisors works with a deep bench of experts across the US who provide both services. If our own professionals can provide the expertise you need, we will. If not, we can help you find exactly the right person or people to meet your needs.
  3. What are the stakes involved? If you’re seeking a recovery or protecting a large sum of money from exposure to judgment, expert testimony is vital and cost beneficial. An expert’s fees generally start at $2-3,000 and can be as great as $100,000, depending on the assignment they are given. Chances are, if you’re reading this page, you need to retain an expert. At least preliminarily on a consultative basis. At that stage, the expert may be the best person to help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of retaining an expert longer term at greater cost, even to be available for testimony.

Contact Landmark Advisors today to assist you in the evaluation of this process going forward.

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