Due Diligence Management

Due diligence is an investigation. It’s an investigation about a business prior to closing an acquisition of assets or an entity. In conducting due diligence, a buyer is raising the standard of care.

Business buyers regularly employ accountants and lawyers to help navigate the process of due diligence. A common missing ingredient, however, is someone to manage the moving parts of the process overall and to make it more efficient.

The many steps involved in due diligence are necessary and important. But like everything, they come with a cost. Managing the cost and time involved in due diligence is also critical to closing a transaction. No one wants a deal to die on the “operating table”. Landmark gets involved to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Our team provides services on M&A transactions that enable the parties to stay focused, manage transaction costs and get to closing – without missing the necessary steps in the process.

We ask the other professionals involved in a transaction the right questions in order to keep a deal moving forward and make sure deadlines and budgets are taken seriously.

When the process is established with details including a timetable and a budget, it has meaning. In order to make sense, a deal should close when it’s scheduled, and it shouldn’t cost more than the buyer planned for when offered.

Acquisitions take time and sometimes get bogged down in unnecessary details. Landmark Advisors understand the premium on your time, both what it takes from you, and in moving a deal forward to closing.

As a CPA and attorney with over 30 years experience working on mergers and acquisitions, Andrew Thompson has helped many investors and owners cut through the fog of supplemental reporting demands and over-negotiation of contract verbiage so its clients can get on with the business they came to do.

If you find yourself in a place where a deal is not moving forward at the pace you need it to, Landmark’s strong suit is moving the process forward when other professionals may be slowing it down.

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