Buyer’s Counsel

The decision of buying a business will be one of the biggest of your life. It’s complicated and involves significant financial and personal risk.

With an experienced advisor at your side, aiding you in gaining a complete understanding of the process, your chances of making a successful acquisition increase tremendously.

Whether it’s your first business or you are a veteran buyer, whether as an individual or as a company seeking growth via acquisition, the process itself involves a serious commitment of time and expense, and poses potential risks you only face when you are contemplating such a significant investment.

Landmark brings its years of experience, quality of expertise and thoroughly refined process for identifying, vetting and closing the right deal for you to ensure you acquire a business that is ideally suited to meet your business and financial goals in the years following the transaction.

Our work for a buyer is exclusive, we represent you directly and not the seller. Thus, our duties and commitment of loyalty and confidentiality protect your interests in the transaction at all times.

As experienced experts, we will guide you through every step of the process; finding the right acquisition target, managing the due diligence process, formulating and crafting your offer, and arranging the best financing terms for you.

If you’re considering buying a business, please contact us today to start getting to know more about how you can find and own the business that’s right for you.

Landmark Advisors

Landmark Advisors