Business Valuation

Buyers and sellers tend to have different thoughts on the value of a business. With privately held companies, the opinion of a third-party expert is often essential to determine a reasonable, objective valuation on which the two parties can agree to transition an enterprise.

What are your motivations for buying or selling the business? For many, it is tax considerations or restructuring ownership. For others, it’s a sense of accomplishment and retirement.

Landmark Advisors can help connect you with all the critical partners, and obtain all the necessary data along the way in a buying or selling transaction, including:

  • Determining the value of the business
  • Evaluating and recasting earnings, if necessary
  • Analyzing inputs and productivity of the company
  • Sales, salary, and expense review
  • Landmark Advisors can conduct a valuation with asset-based, earning-value, and market-value approaches.

While we do not perform certified valuations in-house, we work with a network of skilled professionals who have backed up their work professionally and testified in the courtroom as to valuations. Our referral partners have years of experience valuing businesses across industries.

Business valuation is but one of many, often necessary, steps in the process of working through the valuation of a business. Landmark find the business targets, obtains valuations, performs due diligence in other areas, and gets the deal to the closing table on a timely basis.

Landmark Advisors

Landmark Advisors