Business Sales and Succession

As a business owner, you’re keenly aware that one day you will move on, in one way or another, from your business. You may be planning an exit that enables you to reap the benefits of growing successfully over the years you’ve developed the company. You may prepare a succession in your role or decide on a time to retire from what you do. Or you may just want to own and manage the business you built for the rest of your life.

Whatever your situation, Landmark Advisors has deep experience in helping owners to sell their business and/or plan the succession in leadership at the top of the company.

The process of attaining the most successful sale or exit requires careful planning and strategy. We work with you in:

  • Assessing the highest estimates of the current value of your company
  • Addressing the means of increasing value before you sell
  • Preparing the marketing package for the company
  • Identifying the best target of buyers who will pay the best price for your interests
  • Developing the full package of information that will need to be shared with prospective buyers
  • Creating an “auction” around your company and obtaining letters of intent from interested buyers
  • Negotiating purchase terms
  • Overseeing your side of the due diligence process
  • Bringing the deal to closing

Our goal is your success.

Given the uncertainties of life, it’s wise to plan now for what will come someday, even if that day is not for many years ahead. If you are seeking to prepare succession from within your company rather than using an outside purchase of the company, we will work with you. We help in the process of identifying, if necessary, the right successor(s) and team to run the company in the future. You will receive expert help to negotiate and structure the compensation you will receive upon your departure and memorialize and execute the steps involved in the transition. Business succession planning is meant to provide for a profitable exit for you while minimizing the risks to you, your family and your business if an unexpected event occurs, but also to plan on your own exactly when and how you will exit the company.

At Landmark, our experience has centered on working with companies with $2-50MM in sales, and with up to 100 employees. We work with manufacturing, distribution, IT, healthcare, business service and retail businesses, as well as real estate concerns.

If you’re a business owner looking toward that day when you are ready to reap the final windfall of the fruits of your labors, please contact Landmark today to set the process in motion to help you accomplish your goals.

Landmark Advisors

Landmark Advisors