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Landmark Advisors helps investors find profitable business opportunities. Asset protection is critical when establishing a new business, but even more so, prior to facing exposure to contingent liabilities.

We’ve helped dozens of business owners and investors protect their assets. We structure, sustain, and create situations that prevent disruptions.

We structure businesses for asset protection in a number of ways. They include:

  • Forming C-corps, LLCs and family limited partnerships
  • Creating multi-tiered businesses where necessary
  • Offshore and insurance trusts and vehicles
  • With these approaches, Landmark Advisors has the expertise to help protect you from:
    • Excessive tax liability
    • Co-ownership issues
    • Litigation
    • Bankruptcy
    • Receiverships
    • Internal family disputes
    • And other unwanted potential intrusions on your balance sheet

Protecting your assets vs. limiting liability

Asset protection is about protecting what’s yours from issues arising elsewhere. For example, placing equity or retirement savings beyond the reach and scope of creditors. It isn’t about hiding money or secrets. We work to avoid any appearance or substance of a fraudulent transfer. A good asset protection plan allows you to disclose the plan to creditors. And it should still shield your assets from creditor claims to the maximum extent permissible under the law.

Asset protection is best thought of as a  form of insurance for your assets using existing legal techniques. Offshore trusts are but one example of how you can separate and protect assets long term for your personal benefit.

Why Landmark Advisors can help protect your assets

A big part of asset protection is in tax and estate planning. Our founder, Andrew Thompson has over 30 years of experience assisting businesses and their owners planning and managing their taxes and estate assets and liabilities.

When to consider protection planning

No precise formula exists for when to start, and protecting assets is primarily for high net-worth individuals. Companies and organizations with high-value net-worth should engage in asset protection planning.

Some professions and industries, like real estate and medical care, may be at higher risk for exposure of personal assets. various techniques may be helpful for physicians or real estate developers, to secure a future for their spouses and children. By placing assets out of the reach of potential future creditors, you’re purchasing an advanced plan of insurance – one that protects your savings and life’s work for their benefit — and your peace of mind. It can also discourage lawsuits if plaintiffs know less they can seize.

Landmark Advisors is primarily focused on business clients. If you’re interested in individual protection — like in pre-nuptial agreements — contact the Landmark Law Office.

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