Due Diligence Management

Acquisitions take time and sometimes get bogged down in unnecessary details. Landmark Advisors understand the premium on your time, both what it takes from you, and in moving a deal forward to closing.

As a CPA and attorney with over 30 years experience working on mergers and acquisitions, Andrew Thompson has helped many investors and owners cut through the fog of supplemental reporting demands and over-negotiation of contract verbiage so its clients can get on with the business they came to do.

If you find yourself in a place where a deal is not moving forward at the pace you need it to, Landmark’s strong suit is moving the process forward when other professionals may be slowing it down.

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Asset Protection

Landmark Advisors helps investors find profitable business opportunities. Asset protection is critical when establishing a new business, but even more so, prior to facing exposure to contingent liabilities.

We’ve helped dozens of business owners and investors protect their assets. We structure, sustain, and create situations that prevent disruptions.

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Buyer’s Counsel

The decision of buying a business will be one of the biggest of your life. It’s complicated and involves significant financial and personal risk.

With an experienced advisor at your side, aiding you in gaining a complete understanding of the process, your chances of making a successful acquisition increase tremendously.

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Business Sales and Succession

As a business owner, you’re keenly aware that one day you will move on, in one way or another, from your business. You may be planning an exit that enables you to reap the benefits of growing successfully over the years you’ve developed the company. You may prepare a succession in your role or decide on a time to retire from what you do. Or you may just want to own and manage the business you built for the rest of your life.

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Business Valuation

Whether you’re preparing to buy or sell a company, addressing major tax considerations or a recapitalization of your business for a change in overall ownership or for other reasons, we shepherd the process of valuing the business entity from an early stage of assessment of value through certification of value by an accredited business valuation expert.

While we do not perform, certified valuations in-house, we work with a network of skilled professionals who have backed up their work with courtroom testimony regarding valuations and have years of experience valuing businesses in every industry.

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IP Acquisitions

Landmark has worked with a number of investors, particularly with startups in the technology sector, helping to identify, segment, define and close on the acquisitions of intellectual property assets, apart from and short of full entity acquisitions. We have worked with experts in valuing software applications, chemical designs, actuarial formulas and a wide array of other IP assets for owners, investors and parties to litigation.

Much of what we do with respect to IP resembles our work on entity acquisitions. We identify the targeted assets, work through the due diligence process, including valuation, and pursue closing until the deal gets done.  Unique to the IP realm, however, is the importance of clearly defining what the specific asset actually is. With 28 years of legal experience, our founder is highly skilled at crafting verbiage that fits our clients’ specific needs.

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Expert Testimony and Counsel

Attorneys and their clients seeking expert witnesses can turn to Landmark Advisors to meet their needs. With 34 years of experience in litigation and a range of cases, we’re able to provide compelling expert testimony.

Cases involving any of these issues are ideal for Landmark Advisors to testify…

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