Landmark’s approach is outcome driven and consultative in nature. Our primary focus is on transitions in business (acquisitions, investments and exits), yet we work with our clientele at all stages of the business cycle helping them to be sure they acquire or invest capital strategically to suit their individual needs.

We are relationship managers with expertise in the financial and legal aspects of deals. We are not brokers. Instead, we work in alignment with our clients through all aspects of a deal and multiple types of transactions. Our process begins with an assessment of your objectives and evaluation of the criteria and resources it will take to enable you to succeed. Then we act as your private “finder” of the right deal, investor or financial resources it takes for you to accomplish your goal. Finally, we assist you in every aspect of negotiating, drafting and closing the deal to get it done.

Whether your a company or investor in tech, real estate, manufacturing or other market segments, and whether you’re a buyer, investor, seller, or in a position where you need help with liquidity needs, we can help.

Reach us by phone: (727) 218-6265 or email: today, let’s talk and begin working to help you succeed!

Landmark Advisors

Landmark Advisors